Daniele Camarda


This place is a dream

Only a sleeper considers it real





Sound Act, Daniele's solo project, blends the many traditions of string playing with modern electronics.

Extemporary compositions as seals, results, or more correctly stations of an infinite series of experiences, which reach from an unimaginably distant past into the present, and which feel their way into an equally unimaginable distant future.

In '04 he adopted a nomadic life style, in order to keep deepening his musical training and satisfy anthropological curiosity. Explored the Indian sub-continent and the Middle East and roamed widely throughout Europe and North Africa. During these years he has produced "Dell'Incertezza" in duo with saxophonist Gianni Gebbia and released on Daniele's net-label Geya (sanskrit word for "worth of singing") - collaborated with slovak drummer Martin Valihora for the Waking Vision Trio, Andrej Seban, and in trio with pianist Vardan Ovsepian - toured Japan with Eiko Ishibashi, Gianni Gebbia, Shin'ichi Isohata and Marcos Fernandes - performed at Beirut Biennale "Homeworks" in a multimedia performance with Raed El-Khazen,  Jacopo Carreras and Jana Saleh -  has been active as a session player for major labels with songwriter Ivan Segreto (Sony) and latin pop star Miguel Bosè (Warner) - been invited to USA to record with Leo Genovese, Francisco Pais, Myron Walden and Justin Brown, and to perform with Tim Miller, Vardan Ovsepian and Mark Walker -  toured Italy and Germany with the Lionel Loueke Trio and the Sebastian Muller 5tet.


In '13 he released "Sound Act", a new solo work for 7 strings & digital processing.


He's currently a faculty member at the Siena Jazz University.


Bio in italiano

Daniele was born in '77 and raised in Messina (Sicily) by amazing parents. At age 9 he started studying jazz guitar and by age 13 he was performing with his own trio, recording his first compositions as well as being part of a local big band. By age 16 he shifted to the 6 strings electric bass, which has been his main instrument since, and begun working as a sideman both live and in studio. By age 18 he had his first tours abroad.


In '98,  as scholarship recipient, he moved to Boston and studied for 2 and 1/2 years at the Berklee College Of Music , receiving an Outstanding Performer Award and a Bachelor Degree - Summa Cum Laude. During the Berklee years - beside countless session, recordings and gigs with fellow colleagues who are by now long time collaborators - he has been performing in the Boston area and NYC with the George Russell Orchestra, Keith Carlock, Dave Samuels, Jojo Mayer, George Garzone. - and toured East Europe with the Ferenc Nemeth Trio and Argentina with Fer Isella.


Right after graduating he released "Solo" , a record for prepared bass and electronics, produced by composer Emanuele De Raymondi for Exaudi Records.


In '01 Daniele moved to NYC where he spent 2 years playing in a huge variety of settings, performing with Avishai Cohen, Matt Hong, , Chris Cheek, Elliot & Brad Mason, James Wallace, Dan Johnson, Daniel Zamir, Kemal Arsan, Marko Djordjevic, Henrik Sundman, Franco Pinna, Rich, Stein, John Shannon, Mathias Kunzli, Fabio Morgera, Joshua Kobak, Svoy, Walter Smith, Olivier Manchon, Tarrah Reynolds, Lionel Loueke, Chihiro Yamanaka. Toured South Africa with the rock-band Swim, India with the dance and music project "Akhra" featuring Chieko Mori on koto, and Switzerland with jazz vibraphonist Dave Samuels. Argentinian composer Nicolas Sorin wrote a piece featuring Daniele on prepared electric bass & loops together with a big band. The piece has been performed throughout USA with the Rainbow Band conducted by Phil Wilson.



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